Property Management
At Eden Property Management we are pleased to offer a range of property management services to homeowners for their Florida vacation and rental homes.

We endeavor to give homeowners peace of mind when it comes to the management of their vacation home here in Florida. 


Managed Services

In maintaining a rental property in Florida there are a number of legal requirements and other services that are required to ensure the property remains legal and in excellent condition.

Below are some of Managed Services Eden Property Management provide to ensure your vacation home meets the legal requirements and remains in excellent condition.

We extend an offer for you to enjoy the benefits of our family run business and managed services.

Our Property Management Service Package includes:

Licences / Taxes

The state of Florida and each county requires rental properties to be licensed and subsequent taxes are paid.

Eden Property Management ensures the required licences/permits are in place and renewed when required, additionally we can ensure the required Tourist and Sales Taxes are collected from each booking and paid to the correct government agency, thus removing the headache from the owner.


Utility Accounts

As with owning any home, monthly utility bills are standard, Eden Property Management can pay your utility bills on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing payment deadlines.

Housekeeping Services

Cleaning of the rental property includes washing linens and towels, changing bed linens, dusting furniture, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning and emptying the refrigerator, oven, microwave, counter-tops, cleaning/vacuuming floors, and preparing the villa to receive new guests.

Spring Cleaning

An additional service involves a more through clean. In addition to the normal cleaning services, this will include washing baseboards, cleaning of fans, plants and all high shelves and moving all items to clean behind furniture and under beds.


Carpet Cleaning

This needs to be done periodically and we have our own facility for carpet cleaning as well as access to a dedicated professional steam cleaning service for those badly marked situations.


Property Inspection

Once guests have vacated the property, a post departure check is carried out to check the property has been left in good condition, and any damages are accounted for.

Additionally, we will carry out pre-arrival checks to ensure services are working, and if any additional services or items have been requested are also in place.

Pool and Spa Service

The pool is an extremely important feature of your holiday rental and should be maintained in a clean and sparkling condition. We will ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and the relevant chemicals checked and balanced. Water levels will be topped up in order for the filtration system to work efficiently. The pool and/or spa heating will be turned on/off on changeover days at the request of the homeowners.

Lawn and yard maintenance

This is another service that is very important to the presentation of your villa and is performed regularly to ensure it is well maintained.

Pest Control

The chemical treatment of indoor as well as outdoor perimeters to deter pests and assist in the elimination of insects is a necessary requirement in a tropical climate. Occasionally, either nests under the eaves, mud daubers around the windows, or spiders’ nests are found in the pool area or areas surrounding the windows or doors. Unless the infestation is a large one, it can normally be alleviated. In the case of large infestations, specialist pest control may be required.


Maintenance and Repairs

On occasion accidents do happen and items need repair through wear and tear. We can provide a quote to have the necessary repairs addressed. Routine maintenance may include removing slight marks on walls whenever possible, replacing light bulbs, replacing batteries, air conditioning filters, sweeping outdoor entry areas, and picking up litter from the property.

Pressure Washing Paths/Driveways & Pool Decks

Due to the humid Florida climate, it is highly recommended to pressure wash pool deck areas and pool furniture several times per year to keep them clean, presentable and to avoid algae infestation. As these areas are prone to spilled drinks and dropped food, keeping the decks clean will also assist in fewer pest infestations as well as avoiding stains.


The above is a brief introduction into some of the services and requirements in owning and managing a rental property.

If you have any questions or require further information please feel free to contact us by calling us on +1 863 206 6356 from outside the USA or 863 206 6356 from inside the USA.or by using the contact form located here.

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